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Custom door woodworking shop serving millworkers in the Tri-state area

Our shop works closely with millworkers to understand the design, size, and functional requirements for every door we create. Once this information has been established, woodworking expertise would then be employed to craft high-quality custom doors to meet these specifications. They may use various wood types, finishes, and detailing options in their creation so as to achieve this aesthetic goal without compromising functional needs or client aesthetic preferences.

When you request a quote from us for any custom door project in the Tri-state area, you can expect:


Millworkers and their clients often need doors with specific sizes, styles and designs tailored specifically to them. Customization can help meet these demands by producing doors of various sizes and styles based on specific millworker requests and client preferences.

Quality Craftsmanship:

Attentive to detail to ensure doors not only look appealing, but are durable and functional as well.

Collaboration With Millworkers:

We work closely with millworkers aground the Tri-state area. Millworkers play an essential part in understanding project requirements and overseeing production of custom doors according to them. Our shop can produce the custom doors your client requires to the specifications of your architect.

Materials Selection:

With extensive expertise in choosing suitable wood species and other materials to meet both aesthetic and performance criteria.

Finishing Options:

Offering various finishing options such as stains, paints or varnishes to achieve the look desired for each door.

Timely Delivery:

To support millworkers in finishing their projects on schedule. This requires meeting project timelines and delivery schedules as quickly as possible.

Precision and Attention to Detail:

Ensuring precise measurements and attention to detail during manufacturing ensures products that meet millworkers’ exact specifications.

Providing customized, high-quality doors that contribute to the success of your construction and architectural projects is what we do best!

Tri Custom Doors
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42-12 35th Ave Long Island City NY 11101

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