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Custom Doors Shop Long Island City NY | Contact Us Today!

Our custom doors shop in Long Island City specializes in the art of creating custom, high-quality doors that cater to the unique aesthetic and functional demands of each project. With a deep-rooted collaboration with millworkers throughout Long Island City and the broader Tri-state area, we immerse ourselves in the minutiae of every request. Our seasoned…

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Custom Doors Fabrication

Custom Doors Fabrication: Why Tri Custom Doors is the Trusted Choice for Millworkers in the Tri-state area

When crafting customized doors for construction and architectural projects, Tri Custom Doors  stands among the woodworkers in the Tri-state area because of our years of experience and strong and long-term relationships within the custom door fabrication industry.  At Tri Custom Doors, we take great pleasure in being an outstanding woodworking supplier located…

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Custom Doors Woodworking

Tri Custom Doors stands as a testament to the marriage of craftsmanship and functionality. With a commitment to serving the millworkers' community and a meticulous approach to custom door crafting, the woodworking shop continues to leave an indelible mark on residential and commercial spaces. For those who seek doors that are not just an entrance…

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What Information is Required for a Custom Door Quote?

Crafting custom wood doors requires an in-depth knowledge of a client's vision and requirements, which Tri Custom Doors makes easy by collecting essential information to guarantee accuracy across every aspect of their project. Here is what typically needs to be provided: Design Specifications: (e.g., panel door, French door and barn door styles). Preferred wood species such…

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Crafting Elegance – Tri Custom Doors Woodworking Shop

Woodworking is an art that transcends ordinary craftsmanship, where each creation stands as an emblematic example of skill, dedication, and the timeless beauty of wood. Tri Custom Doors stands as a beacon of excellence when it comes to crafting custom interior and exterior doors for both residential and commercial properties - catering specifically to millwright…

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Tri Custom Doors
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